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How well to pass the session? Where can I order a course? How to rent a house? Typical for all students questions. And if the first question depends on your own abilities, and the second one on money, then to find housing the student will have to connect all his abilities. And, by the way, be prepared for the fact that the wallet will quickly become empty. Of course, lucky for those who live in the hostel. However, everything write my paper in au here depends on the institution: somewhere, they give the hostel to almost everyone, and somewhere they have to rent housing for their own blood. Applicants should know in advance how the situation is in their future university. So, how is it better for a student to rent a house? First, it is better to cooperate, to assemble a company of two, three, or even four people. Practice shows that renting one room with a neighbor’s grandmother can do not only cost more, but it will also hit your nerves. Therefore, it is better to initially choose your neighbors and already with them to look for an apartment. As a rule, one-room apartments are almost the same as two-room apartments. In “kopeck piece” you can move in and four as long as there are berths. If not, the inflatable mattress will always save – and it is inexpensive, and it is convenient to sleep on it, and it is easy to store it. The main thing is that the size of the room allowed. A good option for three or four people is a three-room apartment. In total, it can cost as much as “kopeck piece”, but each will have its own room. Secondly, it is better not to contact agents for hire. Typically, the options displayed on the sites are “fake”. Only after paying the money, the client learns that the dwelling that appealed to him, “no longer”. Waiting can be delayed for a long time, and the options offered by realtors, may be inconvenient. In any case, no one will return the money, even if the living space is not found. The third advice for those who want to rent an apartment is not to tell the whole truth about themselves. If, for example, one of the future tenants has a cat, it is better not to tell the owners about it – most likely, they will not be allowed into an apartment with an animal. Sometimes there are situations where it is better to lie, they say, “kopeck piece” removes a couple, and in the next room they will sit down a sister of someone in love. As a rule, people are more trusted by the family. Will only agree with one of your friends to portray a couple. Deceiving, of course, is not good, but if the owner of the apartment does not check, then there is a chance to move in where students do not want to enter.