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Greetings to the 2019 BMB!

As you prepare to return to Conway and for band camp, remember what you will need to survive and for a successful band camp. Be sure to read the Band Camp Survival guide and remember to begin proper hydration several days before camp begins. If you are new to the BMB, you must request to be added to the BMB Facebook page. Ask to join Bear Marching Band. Our Facebook page is a very important means of communication for the BMB. Be sure your notifications are enabled to get the latest BMB information.

On your smart phone enter the number 81010 and text this message:


This will add you to the BMB Remind group. If you are unable to text and would like an email, send an email message to:

The Remind app is very important for our day to day communications and when we are traveling.

All drill charts and coordinates will be delivered to your smartphone or tablet. You will use your smartphone and/or tablet in every rehearsal to learn drill. You will need to purchase the Pyware 3D Viewer app available at the App Store or Google Play for $2.99. Please have this by August 1. We will have a session on how to use the app at our opening meeting. You may go to for additional information on how the app works. If you do not have a smartphone or tablet, you will get coordinate sheets.

Our season beings with a road trip to Austin Peay University departing on Friday, September 6 and returning on Sunday September 8. That means we need to come prepared to camp with pregame and show music. Click on the appropriate links below to get your music. In this area you will find the music for this season. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PRINT OUT YOUR MUSIC! Digital recordings will also be available in this area.  Show 1 Earth Wind & Fire  is nearly complete and the music will be available here at With our first game on Saturday, September 7,  In The Stone, Let’s Groove/Sing A Song will need to be memorized. Show 2 will be a spy theme featuring the music from James Bond.

Please be certain to get your informal order returned to the band office by JULY 5! We need to know what to order so we have the items by the start of band camp. All woodwind, brass and percussion will be required to order a 2019 Informal BMB Shirt and a BMB Ball Cap. New members will also need to purchase BMB Shorts. Color Guard* members will be required to have an Informal Guard Shirt, Band Shorts, Guard Jacket and practice flag. We are using the same shorts and ball caps as last year so if yours are in good condition, there is no need to purchase  new ones. The informal uniform will be used at Saturday morning rehearsals, select performances and other events.

If you are a returning BMB Color Guard member, you should have your informal uniform and practice flag from last season. The same rules apply, if your informal uniform and practice flag are in good condition, you do not need to order another one. If not, you will need to purchase new ones.

Click on the links below for important information.  Please take the time to go over everything carefully. Important items to remember are:

  1. Informal uniform orders – due by JULY 5!!!
  2. 2019 BMB Summer Band Camp Tentative Master Schedule
  3. Tentative 2019 BMB Dates
  4. 2019 Music links

If you are living in a UCA dorm or any UCA housing, you will be direct billed for your housing. In the past we have assessed everyone for housing but that will not be the case and this will lower the band fee for everyone which will be $40.00. This fee will cover gloves, flip folders, tape, batteries, drum sticks, and other incidentals that are incurred during the marching season.

As the new season begins, there is always much anticipation. There are many standards and traditions that have been established and will continue into the future. We are all an integral part of the BMB legacy. Passion, Power, Pride – Work hard, play hard! I am adding my own addendum: Prepare, Practice and Perform Like a Champion! If you have any questions, please be sure to contact me.  I will see you all in August. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Fear The Stripes!

Go Bears!

Mr. Brantley T. Douglas III